Machine Learning Engineer

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Our partnercompany is a foremost innovative start-up company deploying AI technologies to push the boundaries of next generation drug discovery.

This is the part you will play in this mission:

  • integrating the work of various research teams
  • design datasets to run production grade, large trainings of company's cell model
  • control the model release process with a combined AI and biology mindset


  • bring expertise in the application of artificial intelligence to real-world problems in drug discovery and development
  • implement reproducible workflows to investigate how can AI support us as we move deeper and deeper into sub-cellular mechanisms where there’s very little data
  • build and optimize scalable machine learning systems to extract biological truth from noisy lab measurements using state-of-the-art machine learning


  • min. 3 years industrial experience
  • the ability to implement ETL procedures combining multiple databases
  • knowledge of modern tools for ML such as Tensorflow 2, SageMaker, etc.
  • experience implementing machine learning workflows in the cloud

Nice to have:

  • experience building research prototypes for scientific investigation
  • experience with relevant research applying modern machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to biological data
  • a place to use your software engineering skills to advance medical researc
  • cutting-edge cloud and data stack where you'll work with today's hot technologies: Kubernetes, Databricks, Microsoft Azure, GitHub, scientific Python, TypeScript, and so on
  • a cohesive, mid-size engineering organization with several teams and a democratic decision-making culture.
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