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The legitimation staff provides a central service for all legitimation tasks in the department A-CT105PAC.

These includes the onboarding process for internal and external staff and ongoing legitimation changes.

Main tasks:

  • Central point of contact for all legitimation tasks / questions
  • Creation of incidents for incorrect processes / tools especially in GIAM, ServiceNow and Fieldglass
  • Creation of a knowledge-DB for all relevant information regarding legitimation processes
  • Active participation in system / process improvement initiatives
  • Service-Hotline requests / problems
  • Fluent German and solid English know-how
  • Good knowledge regarding legitimation processes
  • High motivation, flexibility and resilience
  • Strength in interaction with the customer
  • Potential to establish a Center of Competence for legitimation processes
  • Good communication skills and customer service mentality
  • High quality awareness
  • High motivation to learn quickly and continuously
  • Optional: experience with current legitimation systems of the company
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