Order Project Coordinator (French)

Contract Type
This position is archived.
This position is archived.
Job description

Great opportunity for Project Coordinators, experienced in project coordination/ deployment and installation projects / contract and order management, or other business process coordination.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Assist PM in all phases of Implementation
  • Manage Siebel Service Request and exceptions
  • Place orders and monitor orders, shipments to ensure delivery according to project schedule
  • Manage return orders as well as pickup&disposal of old devices
  • Work with internal supply chain personnel, transportation carriers, installation partners to coordinate service delivery
  • Proactively support the PM in identifying and reconciling inventory discrepancies
  • Work with stakeholders to avoid future issues
  • Document all meeting data as appropriate

What makes you the best candidate:

  • Fluent English and French
  • 2+ years of experience in order management and logistics OR customer service OR back office
  • Demonstrated experience in managing a project scope and resouces
  • Detail oriented
  • Problem solving skills
  • Customer-focused mindset
  • Strong analytical abilities
  • Complex, diverse responsibilities
  • Supportive, cooperative environment
  • Room for future development
  • Competitive compensation
Other notes
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This position is archived.
This position is archived.