Rules of Successful Networking on LinkedIn

Rules of Successful Networking on LinkedIn !

Rules of Successful Networking on LinkedIn !

The main goal of online social networking is to connect with people from different locations around the world. Why not actively seek out contacts that you can use either for your business or your career growth? Read these simple instructions on how to build your online network.

Joining the LinkedIn community opens the door to new professional possibilities, cooperation, career growth and professional development. The site keeps you informed about the latest trends in your field field and gives you the opportunity to post and share interesting articles, projects, analysis, etc.

LinkedIn may appear to be a website where professionals upload their CVs and search 
open job positions, but it also works vice versa. HR professionals can browse the LinkedIn website and contact you if your skills and experience fit their requirements. The majority of members use 
LinkedIn only as a job board, but there are plenty of other ways to participate. Networking is 
all about selling, buying, exchanging – skills, ideas, experiences, thoughts or goods. In order 
to be a successful networker you have to build a strong contact base.

How to network more effectively

  • Add people you already know to your contact list

    Friends, family and relatives
    Colleagues from the company where you currently work
    Colleagues from the company where you previously worked
    Classmates, professors and old friends
    Working partners

  • Add people who you share interests with

    Colleagues from college, university
    People working in the same business field
    Potential suppliers
    Potential buyers

  • ‘Like’ interesting groups

    Read the posts
    Participate in discussions
    Look for new ideas
    Share interesting posts

Post your own comments – your interests may be motivational to others.

Ask questions, answer questions – initiate discussions within your professional field. This makes you look more experienced and shows your knowledge of the particular sphere. You would benefit as well as new ideas and points of view can motivate you too. 

Write and ask for references – your profile will gain credibility through references from people who already know your work. 

Browse the groups and posts within your area of interest – for example, while preparing for an interview you can find valuable information about the company, interviewers, competition, potential partners or new suppliers.