These are the 9 criteria you should check when picking a recruitment agency.


If the following is true for the agency... 

  • the consultants are specialized in different sectors → this is crucial in order to gain the required market knowledge that enables them to support clients and be credible in the eyes of candidates;
  • they react rapidly to your inquiryand ask the right questions at the beginning → usually you can expect the same attitude throughout your cooperation with the agency, so you will be sent profiles matching your criteria and not just some more or less relevant CVs;
  • they give you the chance to talk to a recruiting specialist before signing the contract;
  • they can immediately update you on specific salary and market information even before starting the project → they know the market sector in question and help you see clearly what the possible difficulties are or which elements of the recruitment plan may require reconsideration (job descriptions, compensation package, etc.);  
  • they regularly give feedback and support the recruitment process with proactive advice  as this is a candidate-driven market, it’s essential to continuously monitor the inputs of the candidates and to help clients benefit from this feedback;
  • they are not just a “CV sending service provider” → they send you a detailed characterization of every profile, which proves that the candidates have been truly pre-screened, including a personality analysis, motivation and professional experiences;
  • they have a low level of fluctuation → this is another sign of smooth cooperation. A well-integrated, stable team is faster, efficient and organized when it comes to managing your project 
  • they let you know honestly in advance, if something is not going to work → they don’t say YES to every project and never waste your time when it looks like mission impossible;
  • they initiate a personal meeting with you, if possible → this allows consultants to explore the environment and the culture of your company into which the future employee should fit  

...there’s a great chance for fruitful cooperation!


We will gladly help you find the right talents

  • Grafton has been a significant player on the Hungarian recruitment market since more than 22 years;
  • we believe in mutual honesty and respect, which is the base of our partnerships and guides the way we treat regular and new clients;  
  • as a faithful and professional team, we handle each project flexibly and precisly, always adjusted to your needs;
  • our focus is on the long term – that’s why it‘s really important for us to continuously care and to be available for our clients and candidates as well. 
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