How to get a job if you are 50 or over

How to get a job if you are 50 or over

How to get a job if you are 50 or over

Are you afraid of being rejected because of your age?
We can assure you that advanced age is not a disadvantage in the labour market. It is crucial to focus on the right strong points and show them to your future employer.

Where to find your next role

There are many places to find job vacancies:

  • Recruitment agencies
  • Jobcentre offices
  • Job sites
  • Local newspapers and job advertisements
  • Approaching employers directly

You can also get tips and recommendation from your former colleagues or your friends. There is no better recommendation than one from those who know you from your previous job.

Create a winning CV

Your CV is your reputation and your first contact with your potential employer. Therefore read through How to write a CV. You can also create your CV quickly and easily thanks to My Grafton Account.

Develop your experience further

A person learns throughout their lifetime. Do not hesitate to join new training sessions. You may be interested in requalification. Every bit of experience and knowledge gives you more chances to succeed in a new role and win over your rivals.

How to succeed in a job interview

Competition for jobs is very high. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you have no chance at all. It is very crucial to not underestimate preparation for a job interview. Use different kinds of sources, e.g. websites, to find out more about the company.

The interviewer is on your side, they want to find out why you are interested in the position and are also interested in your job experience. They will value your interest in the position and your desire to achieve new results and successes.

Be positive during the job interview and profit from your life experience. Show them that you are ready to react promptly to unexpected problems and resolve them thanks to your life experience. Offer them your loyalty, which is again a highly appreciated quality for the employers. Good luck in your future job.