Human Resources Consultancy

Human Resources Consultancy

It is our mission to be the lifetime partner of our clients for all of their recruitment and HR needs, which is why we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of HR Consultancy services spanning the employee lifecycle. We partner with our clients to deliver a range of services that aim to develop the human potential and HR processes within your organisation. Each of our HR solutions is specifically designed to address your HR needs.

Our world-class HR professionals have wide ranging and varied experience in multiple geographies and industry sectors.

We specialise in providing analytical and advisory services in 5 key areas:

Assessment and Development Centres

We design and implement Assessment Centres

We design competency maps, behavioural criteria and assessment centre exercises, as well as running the assessment centre itself and evaluating participants’ performance. Each project is specifically designed to fulfil our clients’ needs.

We design and implement Development Centres

We measure the strengths and weaknesses of participants in relation to company- and job-specific competencies. We design the competency map, behavioural criteria and development centre exercises, as well as running the development centre itself and evaluating participants’ performance.

Psycho - diagnostics

It is our objective to give you the best possible insight into your potential employee´s strengths, suitability for the role and areas for development. Our Ability, psychometric and personality tests can be used for both selection and development purposes for a range of roles from middle and senior management. We have partnered with an international expert partner to provide a robust, fair and transparent means of assessing candidates through a comprehensive range of psychometric services, including:

  • Personality profiling
  • Profile of the candidate´s role within the team´s roles
  • Selling skills profile
  • MBTI profile (Myers & Briggs Typology Inventory)
  • Derailment Reports
  • Suitability profile: reflecting a candidate fit for the role
  • Generation of a list of behavioural questions tailored to specific candidates

Our tests are administered on line and in confidence in 40 languages.

Our specialist HR professionals and Consultants are qualified to advise on which tests are appropriate depending on your individual needs. Our Consultants are also qualified to analyse and interpret your test results in order to give you the most accurate insight in to potential employees.

Career Transition and Change Management

  • Redundancy Support
    We enable managers to communicate consistently throughout the re-organisation process, and to maintain the motivation and performance of employees to achieve business goals.
  • Restructuring Support
    We can help clients make decisions about, and formulate appropriate processes for, special legal, accounting or financial issues arising from restructuring and the communication of these issues.
  • Career Counselling and Outplacement
    This programme gives leavers practical advice about seeking jobs and helps them acquire and improve the attitudes, skills and capabilities they will need. We give participants practical assistance in finding and winning job opportunities throughout the programme.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is the strategy used by companies to attract the best talent and to build relationships between existing employees and the organisation. We combine our recruitment and marketing expertise to help our clients become Employers of Choice.

Employer branding is fast becoming a critical management tool and is essential in the fight to retain and attract the best talent. It is not yet commonplace, but is a key activity for any organization that wishes to develop a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the best Talent.

Our Employer Branding Service includes the following Key elements:

HR Process Improvement and Recruitment Diagnostics

Grafton Recruitment have developed a business improvement methodology which helps you maximise the performance of your recruitment function. We will audit your HR and Recruitment Process to determine how we can help drive performance. Depending on the needs of your organisation we can focus our recruitment diagnostic on specific areas of concern, such as:

  • Cost of recruitment
  • Length of recruitment process
  • Maximising the performance of your spend to attract high-quality candidates
  • Ensuring legal compliance whilst driving efficiencies
  • Alignment of the recruitment function to the business objectives
  • Measurement of the performance of the recruitment function (key performance indicators)
  • Engagement of temporary staffing suppliers and reducing your spend

Using our Recruitment Diagnostic tool we then provide a comprehensive and independent review with recommendations on how to achieve organisational efficiencies, productivity gains, better talent attraction and cost savings.


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Privacy Policy

Why are we presenting you with these rules on the processing of personal data?

We have drafted these rules on the processing of personal data to clarify what we do to ensure that your personal data remain safe and confidential. The aim of this document is to provide you with information about the personal data we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, what sources we receive it from, what the purpose of collecting is, who we are permitted to provide the data to, and where you can get additional information about which of your personal data is processed and how it is secured.

All relationships which you enter into with us in connection with our employment services are governed by our General Terms and Conditions.

Please note that if you do not agree with the processing of your personal data or privacy policy, you cannot use our services.

If you have already used our services in the past, you are probably aware that we offer employment agency-related services personally or through our website, as well as through other ways, including partner websites or social media. This information sheet on the processing of personal data applies to any and all personal data which we collect through these platforms or by other means linked to these platforms.

Grafton as the controller of your personal data

Grafton Recruitment Személyzeti Tanácsadó Kft., Company ID No.: 46 113 282, with its registered office at A 1053 Budapest, Károlyi utca 12. székhelyű, a Budapesti Cégbíróságon, is the controller of your personal data. The fact that we are a controller of personal data means that we respect the principles of personal data processing and treat your personal data solely in accordance with applicable laws, decide on the purpose and means of the processing your personal data, and ensure that your personal data is properly secured. We protect your personal data using state-of-the-art technology and we regularly evaluate and update our processes behind securing your personal data.

Why do we process your personal data?

Whether you are looking for a job, replying to a specific listing, creating a profile on our website, providing us with your CV, or contacting us for job information in other ways (electronically, in writing, on our recruitment form, by telephone, etc.), you are providing us with your personal data, which we process throughout the entire process of job placement and when providing our services. All of our services relate to job searching, the recruitment process, and personal development.

What personal data do we process?

We may process the following personal data or categories of personal data. This does not mean that we process all the personal data below for each candidate. For example, we are unable to fully list the personal data that job applicants submit to us in their CVs and other related documents. Please note that examples may not be exhaustive.

  • Name, last name
  • Academic title, education achieved
  • Permanent address, contact address
  • Country of citizenship
  • Date and place of birth, birth number
  • Native language
  • Phone number, email address
  • Expected remuneration / salary
  • Driver’s license
  • Information listed on your resume, your profile on our website, the attachments to your reply to the listing or your request for job information
  • Work experience / information about previous or current employment
  • Information about registration with the Labor Office
  • Photograph (if you provide it to us as an attachment to your CV)
  • Link to your profile on the social networks and their content
  • Information on commencing employment, amount of salary, termination of employment
  • Language skills, special skills/knowledge and professional qualifications
  • Assessment of personality characteristics

Why do we process your personal data?

We only process your personal data for legitimate reasons. Unless otherwise specified, we process the personal data of job applicants only with their express consent, or in connection with the performance of the contract concluded with us, as applicable. If we retain your personal data, e.g. due to legal dispute, such processing is based on our legitimate interest. Any transfer of candidates' personal data to our contractual partners who assist us with the recruitment of new candidates is based on our legitimate interests.

What purposes do we process your data for?

Processing your personal data enables us to facilitate activity as an employment agent and provide related services, which include, but are not limited to, the response to your employment application and correspondence between you and your potential employers during the recruitment process. We further process personal data for marketing and statistical purposes.

Personal data is collected to facilitate an effective recruitment process for applicants and clients when assessing your skills, experience, qualifications, and suitability for both existing and future jobs that may be of interest to you. In particular, we assess whether you are suitable for the job as a candidate and that your education, experience and language skills meet the requirements of the listing, and whether the remuneration is in line with your expectations.

Our website allows you to submit attachments with your application to a specific position. You submit these attachments on a voluntary basis, and the personal data contained in the attachments will be processed only for the purposes of assessing your suitability, as the candidate, for the position.

Your profile on our website allows you to link your job application with your social networking accounts (such as LinkedIn, Facebook). If you choose to provide a link to your social network account, we may process not only this link but also the data on your accounts, but only in connection with our activity as an employment agent.

Where do we get your personal data from?

We receive the majority of personal data that we process directly from you. Sometimes we also receive your personal data from third parties, e.g. from job applicant portals or from your previous employers, in cases when you have provided us with their contact information.

How long do we store your data for?

We only process personal data for the period of time that is necessary for the purpose for which we are processing it. Assuming you do not delete your profile or terminate your contractual relationship with us, we process your personal data for 5 years. When we find that your data is no longer necessary for any of the purposes for which it was processed, we discard it.

Who is your personal data transferred to?

Due to the fact that we process your personal data specifically for the purpose of our activities as an employment agent and to provide related services, we transfer your data to employers looking for employees to fill position listings. Personal data processed as per this information sheet may further be provided to authorized state authorities, institutions or other entities when the conditions specified by legal regulation are met. Should it be necessary to fulfill the purpose of processing personal data necessary for the performance of our legal obligations or our contractual obligations, should this be necessary to protect our legitimate interests, or should it follow from your consent, we may transfer your personal data to external suppliers, who support us during the recruitment process.

What are your rights?

You have the right to request information about your personal data and access it. You further have the right to ask us to correct or delete your personal data or to limit its processing. You may also object to the processing of your personal data or request the portability of the data. However, please note that we do not always have to comply with your cancellation, limitation, objection or portability request. Case-by-case reviews of our legal obligations and exemptions from these rights will be made.

You also have the right to address your claim, complaint, or other query directly to the Personal Data Protection Office in Hungary, with its seat at 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c phone: +36 (1) 391-1400, e-mail:  

Contact details of the Data Protection Officer

Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact our data protection officer:
Kerekes Gréta

Marketing communications

We may also use your personal data, among other purposes, to send you commercial messages regarding our employment agency services, both electronically and via SMS. We may use this data for these communications unless you (the addressee) have declined this option.

You have the right to decline receiving commercial messages at any time. You may do so via email,, through your profile, by following the link in a commercial message, or by sending a message to any of the contacts listed in these rules for the processing of personal data. You can do so also by filling out our contact questionnaire on Grafton website.

Not every message that we send you is a commercial message. We also use your contact information to communicate with you, e.g. when sending out information on changes to the General Terms and Conditions or these rules for the processing of personal data.