Online Language Tests

iTester: Test Your Language Skills Online

Have you applied for a position that requires a certain degree of foreign language knowledge? Prove that you have such knowledge. Take the free test available on our website.

 We guarantee this is a high quality test that faithfully reflects your knowledge:

  • Our iTester system includes a database of testing questions that check your command of the given language, reading and listening comprehension and writing skills.
  • The quality of the testing is guaranteed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • The tests were created by a team of seasoned and skilled language school teachers and professors of Masaryk University in Brno, who have great experience with creating tests and writing testing questions.
  • All tests have been proofread by native speakers.

How Can You Test Yourselves?

The tests are available for free to every registered user. Therefore, create a "My Grafton account“. The tests can be accessed on

Enter the Language Teszt

Each test states the number of questions and the time that the tested person should reserve to complete the test. The test cannot be interrupted. We therefore ask you that you reserve enough time for the test; shut down your e-mail, turn off the telephone and do not let anything or anybody interrupt you during the test.
Once you have completed the test, you will be shown your final score (in per cent) and what level of knowledge of the particular language you actually possess. A1-C2 levels are distinguished for French, German and English. Good Luck!