If you are looking for salary information regarding the engineering & supply chain sector, you are in the right place.

We analyzed the Hungarian market from different perspectives in order to provide you a wide scale of useful information, which will help you to make the right decisions in a competitive era of recruitment.

Read our guide to know:

  • Salary ranges for over 50 positions in Engineering & Supply Chain specializations,
  • Academic potential – students and fresh graduates,
  • Benefits attractiveness,
  • Candidate preferences when it comes to changing jobs,
  • Recruitment in practice,
  • Agency cooperation guidelines.

Our report contains useful information for:

  • Manufacturing sector operations and HR managers,
  • Engineering & Supply Chain team and business unit managers,
  • New investors or entities willing to expand.

Please note: this survey is dedicated only for corporate entities and their representatives. Please use valid, corporate email address.

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